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DogWatch® Hidden Fence Systems


Pet Friendly. Vet Friendly.
DogWatch® Hidden Fence Systems are a proven way to keep your dog on your property 24 hours a day. It's been thoroughly tested for safety, and veterinarians throughout the U.S. are recommending it to dog owners. DogWatch works with all breeds six months or older. It's effective after just a few simple training sessions, and there's no limit to the number of dogs a system can watch. Unlike a wooden or chain link fence, your dog can't jump over or dig under it. And a Hidden Fence can cost substantially less than traditional fencing.


Safe, Effective, And Always There.
The System keeps an eye on your dog by transmitting a coded radio signal through a boundary wire installed around your yard at ground level or just below. This harmless signal is picked up by a lightweight, waterproof receiver collar tuned only to the signal from the boundary wire. If your dog gets within 5 to 10 feet of the wire, (the range is adjustable), an audible warning from the collar reminds your dog not to cross the boundary. If the warning is ignored ­ rare after training ­ the collar emits a mild stimulation that you can easily adjust.

Hidden Fencing Systems for Sale

KIT: R-7 Performance Series
Features three levels and three rates of stimulation (9 options), audible warning, variable range up to 20 acres of coverage, and carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the transmitter and reciever.

KIT: R-8 Performance Series
FM digital frequency, multiple levels of stimulation, audible warning, vairable range, up to 20 acres of coverage, LIFETIME WARRANTY on the transmitter and reciever.

Complete installation up to 500 feet of wire ($0.59/ft.): $295.00
Additional increments of 500 feet of wire ($0.28/ft.): $140.00

R-7 or 8: $259.00

R-7 or 8: $259.00

7.5 VOLT: $13.95
3.6 VOLT LITHIUM: $12.00
9.0 VOLT: $18.95
3.0 VOLT LITHIUM: $9.95

Minimum Charge: $40.00 (includes 30 minutes of service)
$55.00 (includes 1 hour of service)
Hourly Rate: $50.00

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